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Primary and Community Health Aotearoa (formally the Federation of Primary Health Aotearoa New Zealand) has been established to bring together organisations and stakeholders from across the primary and community health care sector for the benefit of the health and well-being of all New Zealanders.  Our foundational objectives are to be the voice of and for primary and community health. We believe fostering effective partnerships with communities and promoting integrated multi-agency and multi-professional health services is the way forward. Our member organisations include a wide range of health professional groups and peak body associations, Māori, Pasifika and consumer networks and non-government community health organisations.

We are committed to providing an interactive forum that enables collaboration and partnership; endorses co-design with communities; facilitates the sharing of information, knowledge, and resources; promotes good practice and equitable health outcomes; and contributes to the development and implementation of health policy.

How we work

Primary and Community Health Aotearoa are governed by Board members elected by the voting members on a biannual basis. An Executive Director provides the management for the Board and its members. We will work within the standards and frameworks expected of effective Directors and Staff and according to the Constitution, strategic direction and policies set by you, the members.

The Board works with a Code of Conduct and Governance Handbook that highlights the guiding principles/values:

  • Integrity: We will always act with integrity and respect to ensure all members’ voices are listened to and that decisions are consensus based.

  • Ethics: We will conduct ourselves with honesty and accuracy in the management of Primary and Community Health Aotearoa’s activities.

  • Duty of Care: We have a duty of care to achieve Primary and Community Health Aotearoa's united primary and community health voice that encourages continual improvement in the public’s experience of primary and community health care.

Positioning Primary and Community Health Aotearoa in the primary and community health sector

Primary and Community Health Aotearoa will be the “go to” organisation for politicians and policymakers. In consultation with its Members, Primary and Community Health Aotearoa will develop position statements and advise on health policy and workforce development across the sector. We expect to be engaged with, for example, relevant Government Select Committees, liaise with governmental departments, and discuss primary and community health sector requirements with political parties.


Primary and Community Health Aotearoa holds regular opportunities for members to connect with each other across Aotearoa.

Such activities include national meetings, webinars, regional networking meetings and an annual symposium. Our website will update members on current activity, position statements, and publications.

For more information about membership, contact us.

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