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Our Vision | Tūruapō

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Primary and Community Health Aotearoa

Kia hauora a Aotearoa

Our Vision | Tūruapō

Healthy Aotearoa. Great Primary and Community Health Care.

Our Doctors

Our Mission | Mīhana

To make comprehensive primary and community health care the foundation
of the New Zealand health system. 

How it Works

Objects | Whāinga

Our purpose is to provide national leadership on key issues affecting primary and community health in New Zealand. In particular we will aim to: 

  • Promote health and wellbeing, on behalf of members for the benefit of the population of New Zealand. 

  • Promote primary and community health through integrated multi-agency and multi- professional partnerships. 

  • Foster effective partnerships between providers and communities. 

  • Foster and nurture key strategic relationships at a local and national level. 

  • Encourage collaboration and the sharing of resources, good practice and, information across Members and the wider sector. 

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of health policy at a national level. 

  • Carry out other activities consistent with the charitable objects of Primary and Community Health Aotearoa. 

  • Be the voice of primary and community health care for the health, well-being and benefit of all New Zealanders. 

  • Promote primary health to be the central function and main focus of New Zealand’s health system. 

  • Promote protect and improve the sustainability and interests of the primary and community health sector. 

  • Pursue meaningful responses to the differences in health access and outcomes between different populations in New Zealand and to tackling these inequities. 

  • Promote primary and community health as being practical, scientifically sound, socially acceptable and enabled by technology. 

  • Embrace the principles of the Te Tiriti o Waitangi by working in partnership, ensuring participation and protecting the health of Māori. 

  • Ensure a consumer focus is applied to primary and community health policy and provision, with the inclusion of the consumer voice and being responsive to consumer needs. 

  • Acknowledge the specific needs and differences of our communities and the services required to support them. 

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